Undercover Video Shows Gay Activists Wanting to “String Up” Justice Kennedy


Oh how I am thankful for the work of Ryan Sorba and Matt Barber over at Barbwire.com. Last month he released a special undercover investigation where he showed that many homosexuals actually attribute their orientation to molestation or other traumatic experiences. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he released a new undercover video showing important gay activist leaders trading illicit drugs and using very racially charged (and very politically incorrect) language.

(For example – former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s (D-MA) “husband” was caught on camera making racist jokes and talking about offering watermelon to blacks for their votes! He was also recorded accepting marijuana cigarettes from a gay drug legalization activist.)

Now, Sorba is back with a new undercover video showing gay activists answering the question, “What do you think of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy?” I probably don’t have to tell you, because it wouldn’t make a very good undercover video if their comments weren’t very inflammatory, but gay activists apparently despise Justice Kennedy.

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The video catches these gay activists saying things like, “You kick his a** and then you string him up!” and “I was just praying that HE DIES!” and “Yeah. And he’s a pile.. I hate him. I hate Anthony Kennedy!”

Nice, right?


Watch these activists in all their vicious anger for yourself.


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