Unbelievable! Google Employee Creates GoFundMe to Send Statues to Mar-a-Lago

Google employee Brian Farnham has created a fundraising GoFundMe campaign in order to raise money to send all of the Confederate statues in the U.S. to Trump’s resort in Mar-a-Lago, which is located in Palm Beach, Florida.

So, instead of raising money for veterans on the streets, terminally ill people, children in foster care, dog shelters, or basically anything else that would actually help someone, they are trying to raise $1 million to basically throw Trump the middle finger.

Farnham said that the historical statues actually represent the “worst parts of human nature.” I find this funny because no one had a problem with them for the eight years that Obama was president.

Farnham’s statement reads:

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President Moral Black Hole is a big fan of all the “beautiful” statues of Confederate war heroes that were put up by white supremacists in the Twenties. He doesn’t think they should be taken down. Respectfully, we disagree with President Drunk Uncle. We think that history isn’t threatened by removing physical objects from public places — only the fragile egos of cowardly hateful people are.

But in the hopes of reaching a creative compromise, this GoFundMe page is to raise money to remove and ship ALL these monuments celebrating treasonous racists to Mar-a-Lago. There, we hope, they can be arrayed on the grounds facing President Cluefree Hatehugger’s bedroom, so every morning our Dear Leader can open his curtains and gaze out at a veritable army of cold gray inhuman figures who represent the worst parts of our human nature. It seems a fitting convening, no?

We have no idea how many statues there are or how much it will cost to ship them all to Palm Beach, but we’re starting the fund at $1M*. It seems like a small price to pay to bring President Soulless Talking Garbage together with people who really reflect his true self.

Apparently only thirty-six people wasted a combined mount of $658 of their money in donations. They should have just played the lottery. That would be a better way to throw away money than contributing to this.

Sounds like most people had enough sense not to donate to such a ridiculous cause.

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