UN Watch SHAMES Anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council

by Onan Coca and Jeff Dunetz

Hillel Neuer and his team at UN Watch are doing important and life-saving work by attempting to hold the United Nations accountable for their anti-liberty rhetoric and their anti-Semitic behavior. Most recently, Neuer was given the opportunity to speak before the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to discuss yet another report and vote to condemn Israel, and he shamed them into silence.

The report was commissioned by the ESCWA, a UN committee composed of 17-Arab states plus Palestine. It was co-authored by ESCWA Executive Secretary/ Jordanian diplomat Rima Khalaf and the anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, Richard FalkThe report’s conclusion was that state of Israel as an “apartheid state,”

The report labeling Israel as “Apartheid” was immediately and rightfully rebuked by U.S.Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley who called it “biased” and “deeply offensive.”

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“The United States is outraged by the report,” said Haley in a statement. “The United Nations secretariat was right to distance itself from this report, but it must go further and withdraw the report altogether(…) The United States stands with our ally Israel and will continue to oppose biased and anti-Israel actions across the UN system and around the world.

Heeding Haley’s call, the Secretary General of the UN António Guterres distanced himself from the report  saying it does not reflect the views of the Secretary‑Genera or the UN and urged the committee to withdraw the already issued report.

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, blasted the report in no uncertain terms calling it “biased” and “deeply offensive.” She urged the UN reject the report and stand with Israel against the hatred of the Islamist extremist world.

Pressure by Haley and the Secretary General led the ESCWA to pull the report, causing the ESCWA Executive Secretary/ Jordanian diplomat Rima Khalaf who was one of the report’s authors resign from her executive secretary role.

Just days after the report was pulled the members of the ESCWA (all Arab nations) that commissioned the report were back at it, attempting to force the findings on to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in order to once again, condemn Israel. The UNHRC sees its role as being a constant critic of Israel.

Earlier this week Great Britain put the UNHRC on notice about its constant unfounded criticism of Israel:

” announcing that it would vote against all future UNHRC resolutions criticizing Israel until the body ends its “disproportion and bias” against the Jewish state.
“Israel is a population of eight million in a world of seven billion,” said a statement from the British government, quoted by The Jewish Chronicle.
“Yet since its foundation, the Human Rights Council has adopted 135 country-specific resolutions; 68 of which against Israel. Justice is blind and impartial. This selective focus on Israel is neither,” added the statement, which pointed out that “Israel is the only country permanently on the Human Rights Council’s agenda.”

Think about that for a moment, Syria is using chemical weapons against their own people, Iraq used it against the Kurds, Putin is murdering his opponents, Cuba, North Korea, China and others arrest and murder political opponents, many of the Arab States execute gays and other “infidels,” etc., etc., and so on–but 50% of the UNHRC’s actions have been directed at the only dem…

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