UKIP’s Election Winner Shows that British Islam Is a Concern for Voters

Mass immigration resulting in British Islam is still a major concern of English voters who feel they are losing their country.

A politician who won as the “moderate” alternative to an anti-Islamic candidate spoke out against the rise of British Islam. UKIP’s Henry Bolton spoke against importing a city’s worth of Muslims every year, saying the policy is erasing traditional English culture. So even though the more ardently anti-Muslim candidate lost, these statements by a “moderate” demonstrate that voter sentiment is quite anti-immigration.

The Sun reports, “‘BURIED BY ISLAM’ Ukip’s new leader says the weight of immigration and the rise of Islam is ‘burying British culture’

Henry Bolton said there is a concern amongst people that their way of life is being “pushed aside”, and vowed to “address it” as he spoke to The Sun a day after his shock election.

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The 54-year-old ex-Army officer had said he wanted to move the party away from focusing on Islam after their manifesto earlier this year contained an “integration agenda” which was almost entirely about Muslims.


“That is a concern that we need to recognise is out there, there is a perception that is out there and we need to address it.”

And in his first speech as leader this afternoon he said immigration is “overwhelming” our public services and said “multiculturalism is swamping or displacing our own British culture”.

To supportive shouts from the audience at the conference in Torquay he said it was “changing our way of life” and demanded “our concerns are heard”.

Mr Bolton said: “We presently have a net immigration that equates to the population of Wolverhampton or Hull every year.

“Immigration is overwhelming our public services, housing and communities.

“It is harming our culture, traditions and way of life. Some talk of multi-culturism, but are we not permitted to preserve our own British culture?

Read the entire Sun story.

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