UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says Europe Should Only Accept Christian Refugees from the Muslim World!

I am a big fan of Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party, but that doesn’t mean we agree on everything. We don’t. I have found many instances where we disagree, I’m not sure yet if this is one of them. In recent conversations and interviews, Farage has suggested that Europe only accept Christian refugees from the war torn Muslim world.

“[If] we have to give some Christians refugee status given that with Iraq and Libya there’s almost nowhere for them to go then fine but Europe can’t send the message that everyone who comes will be accepted,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“If it does then the numbers we are talking about here could literally be millions.”

“I am suggesting they should make sure that those who are coming in vessels which are not seaworthy are put on vessels that are seaworthy and taken back to where they come from.”

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Nigel FarageFarage has said similar things in the past, like back in 2013 during the height of the conflict in Syria when hundreds of thousands were fleeing the war ravaged nation. Farage said that Europe should only accept Christian refugees from Syria because the Muslim refugees had many other options in the Middle East.

“It’s bad enough for Sunni and Shia. At least there are neighbouring countries that will take them,” he told the Jeremy Vine Show.

“Where on Earth are the Christians going to go? Christians are now a seriously persecuted minority.”


Okay. So here’s the thing. I’m not an anti-immigration conservative. I think that the US (Farage is speaking of Europe here not the USA) should open our arms to the collective masses of the world. Our diversity is part of what has made us great. The problem is that our culture has shifted and we’ve become much more politically correct. We’ve allowed incoming immigrants to not acculturate to our society and that has been the biggest problem with recent waves of immigration. I believe that when incoming immigrants choose to acculturate and become American as opposed to what they were before… immigration is a brilliantly positive thing for us.

However, Europe can’t do this. It’s been too long, they’re too far gone down the road to cultural suicide to save themselves without taking extreme measures. Farage is right. Muslim refugees have many ports where they can seek shelter, but Christians are being battered throughout the Muslim world. Out of sheer good will it is the duty of free nations everywhere to embrace persecuted minorities fleeing from violence and despair, and this is exactly what Farage is suggesting. It is not anti-Muslim, it is not racist, and it is most certainly not cold-hearted.

Farage’s beliefs on immigration in Europe come from a practical understanding of reality. Europe is dying a very quick yet painful demographic death. Europeans are disappearing while immigrant minority groups are growing rapidly. Slowing immigration is simply one prong of any attempt to save the people of Europe from disappearing from our planet. And yes, the situation is as dire as it sounds.


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