UK Woman Turns in Parents After Learning Their Dark Secret

“I feel my childhood was all based on a lie. I hate them.” – Donna Price

It was not uncommon way back in the day for distant cousins to marry. However, for siblings to marry…..well that has never been a custom acceptable in our society. Not only is incest disgusting, but it also taints the blood line and children from that line come out with a myriad of health problems.

You can only imagine the horror that a 32-year-old woman in the UK felt when she learned that her parents were in fact siblings.

Donna Price had a pretty normal childhood that may have even seemed “picture-perfect.” Little to her knowledge, they were hiding a dark secret that she learned on day in 2014. An aunt contacted her to information her that her loving parents were actually brother and sister, sharing the same mother.

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The revelation tore the family apart and Price even turned her parents into the police. They landed in a courtroom last month and her parents actually pleaded guilty to incest, but did not receive jail time.

Donna broke down as she told the Sun Online her story and how she felt betrayed. “I feel my childhood was all based on a lie. I hate them.” She continued, “There’s not enough words to describe how much I hate them.”

Fox News reports:

To further twist the knife, Donna learned in the course of the police investigation that the man she knew as her father was not even her real dad – a DNA test found her mother had an affair with an unknown male.

But police confirmed her three younger siblings were her parents’ biological children.

Donna was given the devastating news about her incestuous parents in December 2014 by an estranged aunt, who confirmed the news through a Facebook message after rumors had started to swirl.

She said: “I had thought it was somebody just trying to stir up stuff because surely that sort of thing could never have happened.

“But her reply was yes, they are brother and sister.”

She said: “My son had just been discharged from hospital after being poorly and I come out of the hospital and my phone went ping and it was that message.

“I felt sick and my stomach just dropped.

“I spoke to my partner about it and decided I would wait until after Christmas, have a normal day as much as I could while I gathered up information.”

It was then, at the end of 2014, that Donna reported her own parents to the police, sparking a two year investigation that would see the pair eventually plead guilty and given suspended sentences in court.

The Sun has decided not to identify Donna’s mom in any way to protect her young children from a subsequent relationship.

Now refusing to call the pair mum and dad, Donna said: “It was horrendous and one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

Donna said that she “would still have done the same thing again” if she had to. She continued, “I have so many memories as a family but I don’t have any of that anymore. This has clouded everything, I can’t see past it. Until you’re in that situation you’re in, it’s hard to get your head around it.” Donna tearfully added, “How two people managed to manipulate and con people – how can you do that to anyone.”

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