Uh-Oh! Donald Trump Caught in Lie During GOP Presidential Debate!


GOP frontrunner Donald Trump had a tough time in Texas this past Thursday night. He faced a fiery and focused Senator [score]Marco Rubio[/score] (R-FL) and a similarly motivated Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX), and the two men seemed better prepared for the debate than the frontrunner did. Rubio pummeled Trump throughout the debate, seemingly throwing the businessman off of his game from the very beginning. While there were many interesting (and entertaining) moments throughout the debate, one is getting a lot of attention today… and it has to do with an interaction between Trump and Senator Cruz.

At one point in the debate Senator Cruz reminded the audience that Trump had once been an avid supporter of abortion, including partial-birth abortion. Cruz then reminded them that just a few months ago Trump had argued that his sister would make an excellent candidate for the Supreme Court, even though his sister would immediately be one of the most liberal members of the Court. In an effort to defend himself from Cruz’s attack, Mr. Trump lied about something that was easily proved untrue.

In response to Cruz, Trump said the following…

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Now, Ted’s been very critical — I have a sister who’s a brilliant…

She’s a brilliant judge. He’s been criticizing — he’s been criticizing my sister for signing a certain bill. You know who else signed that bill? Justice Samuel Alito, a very conservative member of the Supreme Court, with my sister, signed that bill.

So I think that maybe we should get a little bit of an apology from Ted. What do you think?

This would be an interesting point, if it wasn’t completely and utterly wrong. He misspoke about his sister and Justice Alito signing “a bill”, I believe what he meant to say was that Justice Alito had signed on to his sister’s opinion defending partial birth abortion. It doesn’t really matter what he meant, though, because he was wrong either way. Not only did Justice Alito NOT sign on to Judge Maryanne Trump Barry’s opinion defending the barbarous practice of partial-birth abortion, he condemned her decision harshly.

So, no, Mr. Trump. Justice Alito did not agree with your sister and no, she would not make a good Supreme Court Justice. In fact, she would be a terrible Supreme Court Justice. Stop defending your past mistakes like supporting abortion, defending Planned Parenthood, and believing that your sister would make a good justice, and start apologizing instead.

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