Ugh. Burger King Manager Insults Dead Cop but then This Happens…

From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

A Burger King manager was fired after allegations she insulted a dead South Carolina cop.

Greenville officer Allen Jacobs, a 28-year-old Iraq War veteran, was killed by a confirmed gang member Friday. Jacobs left behind a pregnant wife and two children, but the Burger King manager allegedly told a customer the cop “got what he deserved,” WYFF News 4 reports. The manager told the news outlet she was fired Wednesday.

Customer Rachel Sanders said she brought up the cop and the manager said, “The cop got what he deserved, messing with these kids for no reason.”

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She wrote about her experience on Facebook and the post drew outrage:

I have never been so mad in my life!!! I usually go to Burger King on Laurens Road often. When going there today the sweet cashier Connie who is always there. Her and I where taking about the lose of Officer Jacobs. The manager Barbara over heard us with out us saying anything to her she let me know real quick “The cop got what he deserved, messing with these kids for no reason.” I flipped out I couldn’t believe what I had heard. So I left the store. I called up to Burger King to make sure Connie was okay. When I left she was so upset. But she had been fired for talking to me.
I have called the corporate office to make an complaint. They could not believe what she had said. They have lost my business and please share this so no one will ever go there again!!!!!

Burger King Police 2There have been conflicting reports over the veracity of the allegations and the real reason why the manager was fired. The manager denies she made the comments, saying she was instead fired for inappropriately firing the cashier who was also involved in the alleged discussion. The cashier has been offered the job back.

“We extend our condolences to the family of Officer Jacobs and the Greenville community,” Burger King’s corporate offices said in a statement. “We are concerned about this incident and take these matters very seriously. The Franchise Owner, who independently owns and operates this restaurant, is launching an investigation in accordance with their personnel procedures.”

Greenville police saw confirmed gang member Deontea Perry Mackey, 17, Friday afternoon and stopped to conduct a field interview. But Mackey fled, and Jacobs chased him, Greenville Online reports.

Police say Mackey turned and opened fire on Jacobs, hitting him multiple times and killing him. Mackey ran another half mile before officers had him surrounded. Police say Mackey called his mother on the phone and then killed himself.

Whataburger faced a similar incident in September of 2015. Two cops were working off-duty security for a nearby construction site and were in their uniforms when they went to the Whataburger. An employee at the fast-food chain saw the cops and said “We don’t serve police officers,” so the officers left and went to a different restaurant.

The story went viral and Whataburger apologized and said the “employee that refused service is no longer employed with Whataburger.”

While Arby’s fired a manager and suspended an employee after a cop was refused service for being a service member in September.

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