UC-Berkeley Refuses Student Op-Ed that ‘Founding Fathers Would have Opposed DACA’

UC-Berkeley has rejected a student’s op-ed for their school newspaper, which argued that our founding fathers would have opposed  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Are they worried that he is right and that people might realize that, instead of continuing to be brainwashed by liberal propaganda? Or perhaps they do not like free speech.

The op-ed written by Naweed Tahmas was titled “The Founding Fathers Would Have Been Against DACA.” He argued that “support for ‘undocumented immigrants’ is a quasi-religion” at the college.

“Immigrants have the power to subvert a nation to the interests of their own home country. Do you doubt it? Just look at how often certain Hispanic student groups wave the Mexican flag on our campus,” his piece said.

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The editor’s dispute to Tahmas’ argument was weak: “waving the Mexican flag is not illegal here.”

According to Fox News Insider, the paper said in a statement, “Op-eds that are deemed libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or highly offensive in any other manner will not print. Content that does not meet our fact-checking standards will also not print. All content publishes at the discretion of the opinion editor. We reserve the right to edit all material in accordance with our editorial standards.”

On “Fox & Friends” Friday, Tahmas rejected the idea that the views he expressed were offensive or unpublishable, saying his arguments were based on the writings of Alexander Hamilton.

Tahmas said the paper’s editors knew what his stance was on DACA before they commissioned him to write the piece.

“The Daily Californian would like to shelter their readers from hearing a different perspective on campus, one that goes against their progressive groupthink supporting unfettered immigration on campus,” he said.

Tahmas said the “easy way out” for him and other like-minded students would be to attend another less liberal university. But he said the College Republicans, on which he serves as external vice president, has grown substantially in the past few years and is now the largest political organization on campus.

“This is due partially to Donald Trump activating a group of students that felt disenfranchised by the status quo and motivating them to be more involved on campus,” he said.

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