UC Berkeley Protester: It’s Okay to Use Violence to ‘Shut Down’ ‘Fascists’ Like Milo Yiannopoulos [VIDEO]

Yvette Felarca wasn’t just any protester. She was one of the main organizers of the UC Berkeley protests against flamboyant conservative Milo Yiannopoulos. Oh, and she’s also a middle school teacher.

She is a national organizer for the group BAMN, which stands for ‘By Any Means Necessary.’ In other words, if they deem someone, like Milo, to be a ‘fascist,’ they will shut that person down by any means necessary. 

“A fascist is someone who’s organizing a mass movement that’s attacking women, immigrants, black people, other minority groups in a movement of genocide,” Felarca told Tucker Carlson. Because that’s how they characterized Milo and any Milo supporter on UC Berkeley campus, they considered them all fascists who needed to be shut down. And they used violence to physically shut them down.

In one particular video, a man was shoved to the ground and kicked while the police looked on. (The police did eventually come to the man’s aid.) One of those people attacking the man was Yvette Felarca.

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Listen to her try to explain why it was okay for her and others to use violence against those who hadn’t used violence:

I have a solution to this dilemma that doesn’t involve violence. For those who don’t like Milo and think he’s a ‘fascist’ and all that, when he comes to speak at a college campus, don’t go see him. That’s it. Just don’t show up. Stay in your dorm and study. Or hang out with friends.

Stirring up trouble and violence is only going to bring more national attention to Milo, and people will be more likely to sympathize with him, not the protesters. That seems to be defeating the purpose of their protest. If they really want to shut him down by any means necessary, or at least keep his ‘movement’ from expanding, they should ignore him.

Smashing windows, setting stuff on fire, and beating people up gets the media’s attention. And when the media covers all the mayhem, they bring up Milo. They say that the protesters are creating all this havoc, because of ‘conservative’ Milo.

The media might be sympathetic to the protesters, but their viewers aren’t going to be. The protesters – like Yvette Felarca – are only doing Milo a favor.

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