U2’s Bono Thinks the Deplorables Must Be Fought

From his comment, it is clear that Bono thinks that Donald Trump is evil and his movement must be entirely defeated.

Bono thinks he knows “the moral arc of the universe” and that Donald Trump is bending it in the wrong direction. U2’s front man is plainly convinced that he could not be wrong about the basic morality that was being imposed on the world by international elites. He says that Trump’s election caused “innocence” to be “lost.” But that is a denial of what has happened. Bono and his friends weren’t innocent. They were ignorant. If they had a clue about what was really going on in the world, they would have seen the Trump Presidency coming at least a year in advance.

Despite being humiliated by voters, Bono is convinced that the “good guys”—my term but that is obviously what he thinks of his group—will simply reverse the will of the deplorables.

He told Rolling Stone in an interview:

The world around us was certainly changing out of all recognition, we nearly lost the European Union, something that has helped keep the peace in our region for nearly 70 years. Globalization replaced with localization is somewhat understandable, but the return of hard right views is not to be tolerated. If Marie La Pen had been elected president of France, the whole idea of a European Union would have been vulnerable.

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You’ve had the same sort of disaffection in the United States with the rise of a new kind of constituency, people on the both left and right who have lost faith in political process, the body politic, in political institutions. These sentiments are easily played and manipulated by the likes of Donald Trump. In a world where people feel bullied by their circumstance, sometimes people fall prey to a bully of their own. Lots of people around me, both conservative and liberal, feel that this is one of those defining moments in their life and in the storied life of their country. After the election, some people on the left were almost grieving I’d say and when I try to understand this, I realized there was a kind of mourning, a mourning for innocence that was lost.

For the first time in many years, maybe in our lifetime, the moral arc of the universe, as Dr. King used to call it, was not bending in the direction of fairness, equality and justice for all. The baseness of political debate, the jingoism, the atavistic fervor of Trump’s verbiage reminded us that we were dreaming if we thought evolution applied to consciousness. Democracy is a blip in history and it requires a lot of focus and concentration to keep it intact.


Read the entire Rolling Stone interview.

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