U.S. Just Sent This Middle Eastern Country $50 MILLION Worth of Heavy Weaponry

For all their talk about how guns in the United States might end up in the “wrong hands,” you’d think those same politicians would have a problem shelling out heavy weaponry to Middle Eastern countries like there’s no tomorrow. But they don’t have a problem with it.

They have to know that it’s highly probable that those heavy weaponry will end up in the hands of some terrorist group – like ISIS.

The U.S. just sent Lebanon “50 armored vehicles, 40 artillery pieces, and 50 grenade launchers” – worth about $50 million – as part of our $220 million military aid package to the Middle Eastern country.

The alleged motive is that terrorist organizations – namely ISIS – are threatening Syria’s neighbors, one of whom is Lebanon. And just this year, Saudi Arabia has cut off their $3 billion foreign aid to the country because of what they saw as collusion between Lebanon and Iran – Saudi Arabia’s principal enemy. Reuters reported:

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Fighting between ISIS and other extremist militant groups in Syria often flares in the mountains along Lebanon’s northern frontier and the violence has periodically spilled across the border.

Eight ISIS suicide bombers targeted a Christian village in Lebanon near the Syrian frontier last month, killing five and raising fears of a new campaign of attacks.

Fighters from ISIS and other groups also stage regular incursions across the poorly demarcated border around the northern Lebanese town of Arsal, which they briefly overran in 2014 before the army drove them out.

Lebanon has a weak government and a number of countries support its armed forces as a bulwark against destabilization in a country where around a quarter of the population are Syrian refugees.

It seems that all the U.S. is doing is spreading heavy weaponry all around the Middle East. Do they seriously think that those weapons aren’t going to be used against us down the road?

Lebanon is weak and strapped for cash. ISIS is strong and filthy rich. They have the money to buy all the weapons that the U.S. just gave Lebanon. How much do you want to bet that that’s exactly what’s going to happen?

And then the politicians will play dumb and act like they were just trying to help the Lebanese people. They didn’t know those weapons would end up in the “wrong hands.”

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