U.S. Border Patrol Agents Save Lives of Illegal Aliens Imprisoned by Human Smugglers

The left continues to claim that our immigration officials are evil human beings, but we’ve just learned that Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents and the Laredo Police Department recently saved the lives of three illegals who were being held against their will by human smugglers.

According to the report, at some point in their captivity, the illegals alerted the front desk in the hotel they were being held in.

The incident was reported Wednesday by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release.

On August 14, the Laredo Police Department requested assistance from Border Patrol agents regarding a 911 call from a local hotel where occupants were being held against their will. While the smugglers were not present, the illegal aliens alerted the front desk of their situation and the Laredo Police Department responded.

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The illegal aliens advised the agents that they were not allowed to exit the room and that their families were continuously contacted to pay for their release.

The subjects were determined to be from the country of Mexico and were processed accordingly.

“This rescue illustrates how well the Border Patrol works with our local law enforcement partners to disrupt and degrade criminal organizations that constantly put people‚Äôs lives in danger. We will continue to work diligently to protect America and prevent people from being subjected to dangerous, deplorable situations,” said Laredo Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens.

The government also noted that the illegals were being held for ransom by the smugglers who were trying to force family members who are already here to pay money for the three’s release.

Illegals are commonly imprisoned by smugglers and held for ransom. They are also sometimes taken off the streets even after successfully stealing across the border. These imprisoned illegals are often robbed, raped, beaten, and otherwise abused.

Illegals also face peril on the road to getting to the U.S. as smugglers rob, rape, and kill them in Mexico.

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