Two Revolutions – which one will Americans Choose?

Our good friend and fellow conservative warrior Jonathon Dunne has some great commentary for us this week from his weekly radio podcast, Freedom’s Disciple.
Jonathon is an American patriot who just so happens to actually be an Irishman.
His geography hasn’t kept him from fighting for us though, as you’ll no doubt recognize in his latest editorial on the coming American revolution.


From Freedom’s Disciple:

I believe America is currently at the start of a revolution, right now it is just very slow and silent. The important question for me is how many revolutions will America have and which revolutionary principles will you follow. In this episode I break down the 2016 race and highlight which candidates directly or indirectly will inspire a revolution. Will America follow the principles of the many Communist Revolutions, The French Revolution or The American Revolution. At the end of laying out the case of why I think revolution is here, I share the path I hope America takes and I lay out the road map of principles for that to happen. Lastly I address those who feel they cannot make a difference in society today and who feel powerless.

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