Two NY Lawmakers Propose Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchases

Two NY lawmakers are working on a bill that would propose a social media check for the before a gun purchase.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities to review three years of social media history and one year of internet search history of any person seeking to buy a firearm.

So if you don’t do social media, does that mean automatic disqualification?


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Lawmakers in New York have begun drafting legislation that would require potential gun owners to have the past three years of their social media reviewed before they were granted permission to own a firearm.

Eric Adams, the president of Brooklyn Borough, and state Senator Kevin Palmer are currently writing the proposed legislation, which would give law enforcement authorities the power to check up to three years of an individual’s social media accounts and internet search history before they are allowed to buy a gun, WCBS Newsradio 880 reported. One of the main aims is to identify any hate speech shared by the users, as the politicians noted that such offensive comments are generally only discovered after mass shootings occur.

“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a firearm,” Adams explained, according to the WCBS report.

“If the police department is reviewing a gang assault, a robbery, some type of shooting, they go and do a social media profile investigation,” the borough president pointed out.

Palmer and Adams insist that such legislation is needed to curb gun violence, despite inevitable opposition from gun lobbyists as well as some who may be concerned about free speech.

Adams also pointed to last weekend’s massacre at the Pittsburg Tree of Life Synagogue, in which 11 worshippers were killed and six others were injured. The attack was the deadliest to specifically target the Jewish community in U.S. history. More

So they’re going to violate the First Amendment to justify violating the Second one. Okay got it. How can we stay free in a country whose lawmakers do not understand that laws respecting the rights granted in the Consitution? 

They would use this as an opportunity to censor anyone not in step with their views. Very scary, Orwellian, and totally against our freedom of speech.

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