Two Months Before the ISIS Truck Attack, THIS Happened!

From the very spot where the ISIS truck attack occurred, this image was posted…

How do we know the ISIS truck attack was “really” ISIS? Apparently, the terrorist or an associate branded his work beforehand so there wouldn’t be much room for doubt. Unless this was a bizarre coincidence, two months earlier someone had already picked the target location in Manhattan. A digital photograph was posted online of a hand holding a smart phone at the Manhattan bike path.

On the phone’s screen was an image of the ISIS logo!

The Daily Mail reports, “Chilling image of an ISIS flag taken at the exact spot as the New York terror attack appeared online just weeks ago.

A chilling photograph of an ISIS logo on a cell phone was taken just weeks ago in the exact spot where the Manhattan truck attacker mounted a bike path killing eight, it has emerged.

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The image, posted two months ago, shows a man holding a phone on the corner of Houston Street and West Street in Manhattan with skyscrapers including 1 World Trade Center in the back ground.

On Tuesday, at the same spot, terrorist Sayfullo Saipov drove a hire truck on to West Side Highway before plowing down pedestrians and cyclists along a bike path.

According to the respected SITE group which monitors terror activity, the image appeared two months ago.

Read the entire Daily Mail story and see the image.

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