Two Colleges End Student Protests by Threatening Arrest and Expulsion!

This is a story about how colleges should respond to the disruptive (and unjust) student protests that have plagued the nation in recent days.

In recent years, and particularly the last few months, students on campuses around the country have been demonstrating, protesting, and complaining about various “injustices” and perceived slights. However, these activists haven’t been fighting back against a corrupt system of repression but against traditional cultural norms and practices. And these professional whiners haven’t been combatting these perceived repressions where they exist, but instead they’ve been complaining in the one place that likely agrees with them… their colleges.

A the liberal University of Missouri the students near rioted, shutting down the campus for days and forcing the ouster of the school’s president over a series of events that never even took place! At Yale, the students demonstrated and disrupted school, as they fought AGAINST free speech! At Emory University students stormed the offices of their administrator’s after some capricious (sarcasm) soul chose to threaten the student population by writing “Trump 2016” in chalk on a sidewalk. Rutgers students protested in an effort to keep Condoleezza Rice from speaking at their school. UC Berkeley students reacted in horror when liberal comedian Bill Maher accepted an invitation to speak at the school, because the students believed that Maher’s common-sense approach to Islam was actually racist.

Well, maybe some schools are starting to learn the hard lesson that their students are not sensible citizens who need to be coddled, but are actually idiots who need to be disciplined. This past week the administration at two popular Universities stood up to the vindictive and emotional remonstrance of their students and fought back in an effort to make their colleges havens of learning once again.

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OSU ProtestFirst, Ohio State University was found delivering an ultimatum to a group of boisterous students who had invaded an administrative building, forcing the workday to an abrupt (and early) end. However, things didn’t go quite the way these students hope they would because the school decided to handle the invasion decisively, by promising that the students would soon face some very hard discipline.

From PJ Media:

Ohio State Vice President Jay Kasey paid the protesters a visit shortly after the occupation began, with a message from the president. “Dr. Drake will never receive a list of demands and he will not negotiate with you,” Kasey calmly informed the group before moving on to the next part of his conversation, which included the university’s own list of demands.

“If you refuse to leave, then you will be charged with a student code of conduct violation,” Kasey said. “If you are here at 5:00 a.m. we will clear the building and you will be arrested.” He added, “We will give you the opportunity to go to jail for your beliefs.”

“What do you mean by ‘clear the building?'” one of the stunned students asked.

Kasey didn’t mince words: “Our police officers will physically pick you up and take you to a paddy wagon,” he answered. “The people who work in this building should be protected also.”

This alarmed the crybullies, who didn’t think they had done anything wrong. “How are we threatening them?” one of them asked innocently.

“Do you all remember when you made the rush down there and chanted to the folks outside the doors?” Kasey reminded them. “That scared people.”

“We told you, and all we can do is be honest with you. If you’re still here at 5:00, our current philosophy is, we are going to take you out — escort you out of the building and arrest you. You will be discharged from school also,” he noted.

Confused, one of the students asked, “discharged as in…?”

“Expelled,” Kasey answered flatly.

Then, just a couple of days later, a similar situation unfolded on the campus of Clemson University in South Carolina. When a group of students decided to protest, school officials remained calm and allowed them to do so, but when some of those same students decided to move their protest into one of the school’s buildings, Clemson responded swiftly. Administrators told the students that they would be arrested if they did not vacate the building. Five students chose to test the school, and five students were then arrested.

Police cited Adrian Lydell Carson, Jeremy Ian Anderson, Darien Jamal Smith, Me’khayla Oneal Williams and Rae-Nessha Nichole White with trespassing on public premises outside of ordinary business hours, reports Greenville, S.C. NBC affiliate WYFF.

It’s nice to see a couple of major universities responding with logic to two different (and highly combustible) situations. Both schools have allowed their students to protest, but neither school has allowed these students to disrupt the day-to-day operations of their schools. It would be nice to see more schools taking such a common sense approach to dealing with the ever-growing number of rabble rousers that are now populating our college campuses.

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