Two Armed Thugs use a Girl as a Human Shield until Her Parents Gun Them Down

Yet another example of a good guy stopping a bad guy with a gun.

It does seem that there has been an uptick in high profile shootings in recent months, the kind that the media and Democrats usually use to argue for more gun control, but there has also been a spate of good guys stopping said shooters.

The most recent happened in South St. Louis the other night, when a young lady stepped out of the home she shares with her mom to grab something out of her car.

While outside, two men approached her, grabbed her and forced her back into the house at gunpoint — seemingly with the intent to break into the home for nefarious purposes (Robbing, killing, raping). Fortunately, the young girl’s father saw the men grab his daughter outside and quickly armed himself; the girl’s mother did the same.

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When the two men entered using the girl as a human shield they expected to catch the parents unaware, but they were the ones who were surprised. As soon as they stepped through the door with his daughter, the man opened fire killing the thug holding her. He fired again, wounding the second villain, who fled the scene and was taken to a local hospital by his brother. The girl’s mother also opened fire, but was not able to hit either man.

The girl and her parents escaped the ordeal unscathed.

Both men are seasoned criminals.

The surviving attacker, Cortez McClinton, has been charged with second-degree murder, kidnaping, burglary, and armed criminal action. He has quite an extensive rap sheet with drug related and vehicle tampering charges, as well as being charged with fatally shooting a man in 2010. In that case the DA had to drop the charges because of a lack of witness cooperation. This time around Cortez McClinton should see the justice he escaped in 2010.

This is just another reminder of what a good guy with a gun can do. The bad guys are always cowards, so they’ll always target weaker prey – owning a firearm levels the playing field for the law abiding and peaceful citizen. The 2nd Amendment is our best defense against evil.

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