Two Armed Robbers Pick on the Wrong Victim…Now One’s Dead, and the Other’s in Jail

Two robbers were shot, one fatally, in Venice, Missouri. Their intended target, a Vietnam veteran, pulled his own gun and shot both the perps.

The criminal who lived will be charged with the death of the first. This is because Missouri’s law allows for a criminal to be charged with the death of their accomplice if they are killed in the midsts of a felony.

Tough luck boys. Shouldn’t have gone where you didn’t belong, doing thing you have no business doing!

The shooting unfolded around 10 a.m. as the intended victim, a 70-year-old Vietnam veteran was driving a female friend to her house. The two were sitting in a vehicle outside of the residence when they were approached by the two suspects, who claimed to be asking for directions. But once the suspects had the attention of the couple in the vehicle, they pulled a gun and announced a robbery. The veteran, however, pulled a gun of his own and opened fire, striking bo…

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