Twitter Censored Links that Opposed Clinton during Campaign

Rather than promoting Russian propaganda, Twitter censored information that told the truth about Hillary Clinton.

While the media and politicians clamor for social media companies to suppress “fake news,” testimony revealed that Twitter censored facts. They hid almost half of tweets that referred or linked to the hacked DNC emails, for example.

Why didn’t Twitter censor them all? Because then it would have been obvious what Twitter was doing. The trick is to censor secretly to try to engineer a fake consensus.

The Daily Caller reports, “Twitter Buried #DNCLeak, #PodestaEmails Tweets In Last Two Months Of Campaign.

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Twitter’s systems hid 48 percent of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25 percent of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“Approximately one quarter (25%) of [#PodestaEmails tweets] received internal tags from our automation detection systems that hid them from searches,” Edgett said.

He added that “our systems detected and hid just under half (48%) of the Tweets relating to variants of another notable hashtag, #DNCLeak…

Read the entire Daily Caller story.

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