TV Star Tries to Insult Donald Trump – It All Blows Up in Her Face!

People should stop trying to out-trump Donald Trump. It’s basically not possible. First off, Trump is willing to say wilder, more controversial things than you are. Second, he won’t be as embarrassed as you will be when he watches himself later on TV. In fact, I don’t know that he is able to be embarrassed. But if anyone can compete with Trump, it has to be Kelly Osbourne. I mean, they both have a famous penchant for bad hair. So there’s that.

Anyway, I can’t let this one slide because it is too hilarious. Kelly Osbourne was on The View acting like a grown-up, and she wanted to join in on the adult conversation on Trump’s recently “racist” comments about illegal immigrants. In her attempt to criticize Trump’s alleged “racism,” she did nothing more than expose her own privileged, elitist myopia.

Rosie Perez: There are a lot of Latinos here in this country that do agree that the immigration problem is a problem [Wait … The immigration problem is a problem? Is the entertainment industry an industry, too? Whoa …], and it does need to be addressed, and it does need to be fixed. But making those comments, those racist comments [Right. Thanks for the clarification.], do not help.

Kelly Osbourne: And if you kick every Latino out of this country, who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?

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You have to watch the video. Kelly Osbourne thought she had delivered a real zinger. The only thing missing from her delivery was snapping fingers and a “Nuh-uh, Donald Trump.” Then the collective groan. The wince and wave of shame. Whoopi Goldberg is sitting there thinking, “Why am I here? Really. Didn’t I have a career once?” Kelly Osbourne’s weak attempts at backtracking with “In the sense that …” and “In LA, they don’t …” and “That’s not what …” and “You know I would never …” and “I’m not a part of this … you know”

I really wish someone would have let her finish one of those statements. Because things could only have gotten worse from there. But no one let her finish. They shut her down, and then tried to pretend she had never opened her mouth.

I don’t think this is an insignificant moment or a one-time gaffe, though. What you are hearing, soaked in Osbourne’s over-hyped British accent, is the reality for the mouth-breathing role models living out their ignorant bliss in the upper heavens of LA fantasy land. Most of the people who fashion themselves as the champions of the people are so out of touch with the real world that they think the way people view them is who they actually are. And these are the people who shape “the view” of most American idiots. Wow.

But they are the close-minded ones, the privileged ones, and the ignorant ones. Most fire-breathing racist rednecks who grew up in the KKK have a better grasp on the reality on the ground than Kelly Osbourne does. I’m not sure that growing up on a reality TV show,  in a mansion, with an alcoholic rock star qualifies you to talk about anything.

And the worst part of all of this is the fact that Osbourne thinks she sees things differently than Trump. Clearly, she doesn’t. Trump thinks illegal immigrants are degrading American culture and stealing American jobs. Osbourne thinks Latinos (not illegal immigrants, mind you) take the jobs no self-respecting American would ever want. Both perspectives have their warts. But Osbourne has to take the shame cake on this one.


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