TV Show Plans Program on Trump Impeachment

Amazingly, the Democrats don’t end up looking too good by trying to prepare for Trump impeachment.

I would have assumed that a fictional TV show on Trump impeachment would be all about condemning the Deplorables. But, reportedly, that’s not the plan. For one thing, the episode is entitled “Shameless.” And the co-creator of the series The Good Fight, Robert King, doesn’t seem enamored with Democratic desires to remove an elected President.

TV Line reports, “Good Fight to Explore Impeachment of President Trump by ‘Shameless’ Means.

CBS All Access’ The Good Fight will explore the process in which Democrats — smelling blood in the water after the midterm elections — might seek to impeach President Trump, and the firm of Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad is solicited to help in that endeavor.

Previewing the seventh episode of Season 2, […] Robert King said, “We’re satirizing the Democratic [party] licking their chops at the possibility of turning the House over, and impeachment. They want to have their ducks in a row when they [potentially regain a majority] in November, so they’re auditioning a lot of law firms to see who would be best to prosecute in an impeachment.”

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The show has mentioned Donald Trump before:

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