Tucker: Fauxcahontas is Committing “Identity Theft”

Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to get a leg up on her competition by claiming she is Native American…..Funny though, you’d think that she would be happy to be white since there’s so much “privilege” that comes along with it.

I haven’t seen any of that privilege, but according to liberals, it’s there.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed Warren and her wild claims with a Cherokee Indian genealogist.

Fox News Insider reports: 

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Carlson reported that Warren (D-Mass.) recently said her parents were forced to elope because of others’ untoward feelings about her mother’s Native American heritage.

Genealogist Twila Barnes said Warren is not of Cherokee heritage and is “not enrolled” with the tribe.

“She has no family on the rolls, she has no indication of Indian ancestry anywhere in her lineage,” Barnes revealed.


Carlson said Warren received preferential treatment in her pre-senatorial occupation on the basis of her claiming to be Native American.

Barnes said the reported manner in which her parents were wed does not match well with Warren’s account.

She said Warren’s parents, Pauline and Donald Herring, were married by a prominent Oklahoma minister who the genealogist said would not be one to tie the knot in an elopement.

“She has no proof of anything and she’s a lawyer,” Barnes said, and then added that many of the REAL Native Americans within the tribe are outraged at Warren for “appropriating” the Indian heritage for political advantage.

“It’s identity theft,” Carlson added.

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