Tucker Carlson: ‘Why Haven’t Republicans Defunded Planned Parenthood?’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is asking the obvious when he inquired as to why Republicans have not defunded Planned Parenthood. I would like answers on that as well!

I agree that people have freedoms that should not be treaded on. However, once those “freedoms” are harming other human beings, then there must be someone to step up and say, “Hey, this can’t happen.” You cannot murder people and and then claim that it’s your right.

Abortion is murder, point blank. There is no gray area.

Carlson interviewed Republican Representative Diane Black, and he asked her why Congress, which is currently controlled by Republicans, has not done anything yet.

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Black replied that there is a measure that’s been put into play to defend the murderous organization, however it has not been “taken on” by the Senate yet. “We don’t need to be having taxpayer dollars going to abortion, period,” and added that “abortion is not family planning, it’s family destruction.”

Fox News Insider reports: 

Congressional Republicans have repeatedly promised to defund the nonprofit but have not come close. Abortion providers took in more than $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars between 2013 and 2015, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office.

Planned Parenthood’s 2017 annual report showed it received $554.6 million in government funds in 2015-16.

Carlson noted that the organization has also used tax dollars to campaign for Democratic candidates, questioning if the stumping is even constitutional. He asked why an organization like the NRA does not get federal funding if Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer money.

“[The NRA] trains a ton of law enforcement, military (and) trains everybody guarding our nuclear power facilities, for example – why don’t they get half a billion dollars a year in federal money to do the good work that they do?” Tucker inquired.

Here is the interview:


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