TSA Lobbyist Now Handling TSA Appropriations and Stealing Our Money!

Oh, the revolving door. How I hate thee. It’s becoming quite common for corporate lobbyists to get seats in key bureaucratic committees overseeing funding for their former employers (see: Comcast and the FCC or Monsanto and the FDA/EPA). The latest entry in that increasingly ballooning file involves the ever-repugnant TSA:

Rapiscan Systems lobbied aggressively to win a major contract with the Transportation Security Administration to provide X-ray body scanners at airports, only to lose the contract in 2013 after the company failed to deliver software to protect the privacy of passengers.

Rapiscan now has a friend on the inside.

Earlier this month, Rapiscan lobbyist Christopher Romig took a job with the House Appropriations Committee’s Homeland Security Subcommittee, which oversees the TSA budget.

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I see. So I’m guessing Rapiscan figured it would be easier to grease the wheels if one of their own were in charge of dispensing the grease. Just fantastic. As I’m sure you are all aware, the TSA is beyond useless—it’s actually harmful. Aside from costing taxpayers a lot of money, harassing and (at times intentionally) sexually abusing people at “security” checkpoints, and causing who knows how many unnecessary hours of delay at airports, the TSA also fails to forward the goals for which it was expressly created: you know, greater security.

Apparently the TSA can point to basically zero times its increased security measures were necessary to stop some act of terrorism. In other words, the former security measures would have served us just fine, cost less, and preserved the rights and dignity of Americans. Just for reference, the TSA attempts at behavioral profiling have been an expensive joke.

And now Rape-scan Rapiscan has one of their own interlopers latched firmly to the generous udder of the State. Or, if you prefer a tapeworm analogy, lodged firmly in the nutrient-abundant digestive tract of an obese federal government. Allow me to recommend a good para-cleanse …


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