The Truth about the Inquisition

Historical revisionism has been a favorite pastime of liberals.

They have accused religious folks of believing in a flat earth (false) until Columbus confounded the religious leaders of his day (false), that religion has been at war with science (false), and that the Inquisition was one of the bloodiest assaults on humanity in the name of God (false).

The sad fact is, there are some Christians who parrot the revisionist history of liberals and pass it off as historical gospel. Revisionist historiography cuts both ways.

The following is from an advertisement from the people who operate Worldview Weekend:

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The Facebook page of American Family Association & American Family Radio Network host Bryan Fischer declares: “In ONE MONTH (November [2014]), Muslims killed more people (5042) than the inquisition did IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY (2300).” [Emphasis of caps is how it was on their Facebook page]. Topic: The Catholic inquisition killed over 50 million Christians and in this program Brannon [Howse] gives just some of the facts to document this figure. Topic: Do today’s neo-evangelicals and religious right that think they are so brave in exposing the murderous history of Islam also have the courage of their convictions to expose the murderous history of the Church of Rome and the 50 million killed by the Papacy through the inquisition?”

So who’s right?
from Godfather Politics…

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