Truth At Last: Illegal Alien Murdered Beautiful Mollie Tibbetts

Folks in Iowa have been looking for the beautiful young Mollie Tibbetts for months, but now we’ve finally learned the truth: another one of Obama’s DREAMers murdered her on the night she went missing.

The vivacious girl who had her whole life before her went missing on July 18 and her friends and family have been looking for her ever since. But yesterday her body was finally found in the remote area where her killer, an illegal alien named Cristhian Rivera, dumped her on the night he murdered her.

It appears that the crime was one of opportunity, that Rivera just happened to see her out jogging that evening. He followed her in his Chevy Malibu until they reached a place where he felt he would not be seen attacking her.

This monster then attacked the poor woman, murdered her, and dumped her body in the field that he led police to after his arrest this week.

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We’ve also learned that Cristhian Rivera entered the U.S. illegally and has been here for at least four years, but possibly as many as seven That means he came here during Obama’s term in office and likely expected to reap the rewards of Obama’s lenient policies for illegal aliens.

According to the Daily Mail police tracked this killer down via surveillance footage:

He was arrested on Friday after police honed in on his vehicle by viewing surveillance footage obtained from a private resident’s home surveillance cameras.

‘He followed her and seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day. For whatever reason he chose to abduct her,’ Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation special agent Rick Ryan said on Tuesday afternoon.

Rivera told police he had seen her in the area before. She is friends on Facebook with the mother of his daughter but it is not clear if he and Mollie knew each other.

This murderous illegal is now being held in Poweshiek County on $1,000,000 cash bond.

“These are hard,” DCI Special Agent Richard Rahn said. “We get to know the family, we get to know Mollie, we just spoke with the family and I told them that they raised a great daughter. She was a phenomenal individual and so we are saddened for the family. It is difficult on the investigators, however that is what we’re here to do and we just try to do it the best we can. We’re just glad we were able to locate him, get him charged and hopefully come out with a successful conclusion and that being a conviction.”

These are the murderers that the Democrats are trying to protect, folks.

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