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Just what is it about Donald Trump that sets us to wondering? The media’s style of slanted and bogus reporting must bear much of the responsibility for heightening our concerns but sadly, it’s much than that.

Just what is it about Donald Trump that sets us to wondering?  The media’s style of slanted and bogus reporting must bear much of the responsibility for heightening our concerns but sadly, it’s much more than that.

Yes, over the years, the average American has become inundated with the false charms of what is pleasant to hear.  Of promises which largely go unfulfilled after Election Day.  Like it or not, this irresponsible pattern has become woven into our public’s being.  And still we moan and question why “nothing ever changes.”

Quality is a factor in all segments of our election cycle.  First, there is the declining caliber of the candidate followed by a supportive media prose that in itself has greatly aided to the design of this rigged affair.  Finally, the average voter, in many instances, has become swayed, even controlled by these false assurances.

Enter Donald Trump.  Out from nowhere, and depending upon one’s viewpoint, here comes a savior or an egotist.  However, what many refuse to recognize is the fact that Trump’s messaging is mostly a truthful one.  Sometimes blustering yes, but truth oriented.  The old adage, “the truths hurts,” should now seem more relevant than ever.

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Aside from the spin that our media elites dish out, what Trump has said, given his brash tone and undaunted stands, usually becomes validated.

If not for his candidacy, who among those seventeen would have dared to jump on the political/business “third rail” of illegal immigration?  And then he further disturbed the system with his correct assessment of “anchor babies.  His promising to build a southwest border wall seems all but a final product, just awaiting his election.  Then there is his common sense approach to this undocumented and unverified infiltration of what must include a sizeable portion of ISIS terrorists.

Yes he’s brash, yes he’s accusing, and yes he’s combative, but isn’t that part of the make-up of a leader?  No matter how it is dissected, whether it is a detracting article about his University or his other failed ventures, what shines through is a man of action, a decision maker and a successful corporate leader.

Opposing Trump is Clinton, who has boasted of continuing on with Obama’s agenda.  Other than a deceptively promoted and failed health care system, coupled with an acquiescent foreign policy, just what is Clinton’s draw? In comparison, Trump obviously stands out in stark fashion.  And why is this?

Simply stated, his style has long since been removed since the days of Teddy’s Rough Rider bravado.  Listen to his message; “make America great again.”  Certainly, this sentiment has been lost for way too long.

Since our last declaration of war, what has been the result of this liberalized style of governing?  LBJ’s war on poverty certainly was one expensive bust, and continues to be.  What about his 1965 revamping of our then successful and limited immigration policies.  Not to infer a racial slant but looking at the changing demographics of America is not reassuring.

A country’s immigration policy is just that; permitting immigrants to ingratiate into our American population but not to the degree of changing its identity. What is taking place today is a greed-sponsored revolving door that is devoid of any qualifications or verifications.  This is not the act of a family wanting a better future.  To put it bluntly, this is an act of swarming or more to the point, that of an invasion.

Look around at the influx of the newly arrived.   What is their allegiance, their degree of Americanism and how is their order?  Is America able to absorb tens of thousands of flag burners? Are our city intersections meant to be centers for pray at midday?  There is a consistent “in your face” assault upon the orderliness and traditions of our American society and it is permitted by Washington’s lack of a proper response.

With calm reflection, we need to place our interest and our country first.  We need to refresh upon what it is to be an American.  And we need to realize that every word written or spoken by our media elites is geared to a predetermined design, a final destination.

We are sorely in need of capable and pro-American leadership.  The primaries of yesterday are past.  Today, we confront one huge decision.  Do we continue down this socialistic road of chaos and dependency or do we place our country ahead of our politically correct inhibitions?

What has been missing from our national debate is truth and care for America’s betterment.  It is astounding to think about is how fortunate  America is that a billionaire loves his country to such a degree that he and his family willingly will endure such trashing and ridicule.

One last item; haven’t we had enough of the “setups?”  Remember Robert Dole?  Great American, but really, that election was a sham.  The same can be said for John McCain since his heart was somewhere else.  And what more obvious campaign “dive” could there be than Romney’s bowing to a discourteous Candy Crowley?

No person is perfect but what we have endured, stemming from our good intentions of electing “a first” has not been Presidential, or some might say, not even American!  If for no other reason, we should honor the memories of those four 9/11 Americans this November.  Their sacrifice is an unwavering and truthful testimony of Clinton’s Presidential unworthiness.


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