President Trump’s Strict Immigration Policies Are Working… Migrants Choosing To Stay In Mexico

Trump’s strict immigration policies are working to slow the influx of Central American migrants as many are now choosing to seek refuge in Mexico rather than seek asylum in the US.

The Trump administration made border security a top priority and implemented a ‘zero tolerance’ on immigration enforcement, which persecutes anyone attempting to enter the U.S illegally.

President Trump is simply following the Federal Immigration laws of this country. It’s the law of the land as passed by Congress. He just chose to uphold the law instead of ignoring it like the Barack Obama did.

Daily Caller:

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President Donald Trump’s strict immigration policies are deterring Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S., and many are now choosing to seek refuge in Mexico.

“Trump has created a policy of being unwelcome,” Hiram Villarreal of Casa de Refugiados, a Mexico City-based organization that helps migrants, told the Washington Blade. “It motivates people to stay and not go north.”

The Trump administration has made border security a priority. The White House enacted a zero tolerance policy on immigration enforcement, which prosecuted anybody who illegally entered the U.S. The policy also led to family separation as children cannot be held in federal criminal detention facilities, though the administration has recently tried to reunite children with their parents. […]

Having an asylum request approved in Mexico is difficult, however. Mexico denied nearly 90 percent of asylum requests between fiscal years 2012 to 2017, according to Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University. More

Let’s hope President Trump’s policy is even more contagious because it’s already working great. That drives mass immigration enthusiasts wild with rage.

BTW, Mexico denies about 90% of asylum requests. They better be careful, the libs will start calling them “racist.”

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