Trump’s Presidency: Cornerstone of Omission

Throughout this whirlwind known as the Trump candidacy and eventual election, what has continued unscathed through it all is the most secretive and influential of organizations. It’s use of omission has concealed a conspiratorial effort never before imagined in both efficiency and duration.

This shadowy existence is now approaching its century mark yet only a miniscule number of Americans are even aware of its existence.  So with this, time has come to unveil this dastardly Council on Foreign Relations, or  simply the CFR.

During America’s modern era, generally since WWII, our government, has sadly come under the CFR’s agenda and influence.  In remarkable fashion,  the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently featured two seemingly innocent articles; one detailing the list of possible candidates for the Federal Reserve Boards while the second mimicked this anti Trump chorus concerning our new tax law.

In the first piece entitled, Economists Considered For High-Level Fed Post, photos of two candidates, one double in size and smiling intended to sway readers since the smaller photo featured a sterner facial expression.

I mention these seemingly innocuous slights simply to point out the details to which this secretive cabal seizes upon for gaining even the slightest of public sentiment.  The larger photo of the grinning candidate is that of an unknown CFR member while the other represents a threat to their control of what was created over one hundred years ago, the illegal Federal Reserve!

Within this article, in addition to the smiling Richard Clarida, no less than three other CFR members were cited.  Most critical was the changing of the guard from Chairwoman Janet Yellen to the incoming Chairman Jerome Powell.  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  Also named was “only one other PhD. Economist, Lael Brainard.”

Trump’s election presented a helter-skelter effect upon this globalist group since Hillary was an obliging CFR tool and has publicly likened the CFR to being her “mothership.”  So, the Trump Presidency not only inserted a hitch to the CFR’s global get along, it is also generated a fear that a resurgence of economic strength will accompany Trump’s corporate tax deductions.  This must be averted as socialism best works with needy and dependent masses.

Now onto the second WSJ piece entitled, Almost Everything Is Wrong With the New Tax Law, written by Alan S. Blinder, another CFR spokesman who also was “a former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve.”  Funny how all this ties together, isn’t it?

Funny maybe, however all this slips under the public’s radar screen since most Americans remain in the dark as to its sinister existence and free wheeling operational influence.

Mr. Blinder details four tax bill items, which he condemns severely with, “that Americans hate this bill.  And they should.”  Forget the first three since they re-enforce the usual media bias. However, it’s the fourth point that pertains to the globalist’s (CFR’s) holy grail.

To quote Blinder, “Fourth, a Congress truly focused on tax reform would not have thrust a completely unrelated dagger into the heart of Obamacare.”  While this supposedly was Obama’s main claim for his legacy, it also marked a major socialized shift in America.  Blinder and the CFR’s concern, in addition to a lowered tax base, was their setback by Trump’s back dooring of Obamacare, which will shortly become history!

The point to all this CFR skullduggery is that ever since it’s 1921 creation, America has undergone a slow but unrelenting transformation which has affected a weakening of her former being.  Even her bright spot of a WWII victory opened America up to a disaster, one that was designed and crafted by the CFR cadre.  One only has to gaze at their monstrous creation in New York City, the United Nations, for understanding their evil intent.

America has been handed a reprieve; we all sense that this is so.  The WSJ pieces cited represent an accurate portrayal of the CFR’s tactics for steering public opinion.  Without our awareness and subsequent push back, it will continue to rock and roll our headlines and our Country’s future.

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