Trump’s Popularity Not Shrinking like Other Presidents

Trump’s popularity may not seem like much, but he’s as popular as Obama was halfway into his first term. And we can hope it will go still higher.

Normally presidents start out popular and slide before midterms, but not Trump’s popularity.

Trump’s popularity may not seem like much, but he’s as popular as Obama was halfway into his first term. And we can hope it will go still higher.

The real triumph of Donald Trump is that he’s broken the pattern of most Presidents, including Obama. According to Mark Penn, a Democrat pollster, Barack Obama was super popular right after he became President, and then that popularity dwindled until the Democrats lost ground in the midterms. That was a pretty typical path. But Donald Trump was something of a trailblazer. He was not super popular when he first won, but then his popularity increased and is still increasing as the midterm elections approach.

McClatchy reports, “Trump is as popular as Obama was in the middle of his first presidential term, survey says.

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A new poll found that a plurality of Americans say President Barack Obama was the first or second best president of their lifetime.

Thirty-one percent of Americans lauded Obama as the best president ever, according to the Pew Research Center, while another 13 percent said he was the second-best.

Just over 2,000 people were polled for this survey and asked to choose the two presidents they think have done the best job during their lifetime. Respondents were asked to give one president first place, the survey says, and another president second place for job performance.

President Donald Trump, who got 19 percent during his second year as president in this poll, is about as popular as Obama was during the middle of his first presidential term. Twenty percent of people said Obama was either the first or second-best president during his third year.

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And then The Hill reports, “Mark Penn: Trajectory of Trump’s approval rating differs from past presidents.

“For almost all presidents, and for Obama, they start out after inauguration really high, and Trump didn’t do that because the country never came together,” Penn, […] told Hill.TV’s Joe Concha […].

“Then Obama sunk straight down until the midterms […]. Trump is, in fact, ticking up – going up – into the midterms,”

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