Trump’s Environmentalism Gets No Praise from the Left

Donald Trump’s environmentalism isn’t personally appealing to me. I want most or all national parks sold to private enterprise.

Whether you agree with Donald Trump’s environmentalism or not, Liberals should be pleased… but they’re not.

Donald Trump’s environmentalism isn’t personally appealing to me. I want most or all national parks sold to private enterprise.

But Trump wasn’t elected into office only by me. There are other voters that Trump needs, plus his own views are probably different than mine.

Awhile back Donald Trump donated his salary to the National Park Service:

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Now, he’s committed a quarter billion dollars to the National Parks. I don’t think we should do that because of our national debt. But, at least, Liberals should be happy. Right?


The Washington Times reports, “Trump commits $256 million to revive long-neglected national parks, gets no thanks from left.

He may never get credit from environmentalists, but President Trump is building a unique conservation legacy by focusing on the restoration and rehabilitation of America’s majestic yet long-neglected national parks.

The Interior Department announced last week $256 million in funding for infrastructure projects at 22 national parks, including the Great Smoky Mountains, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone, marking another step toward the goal of wiping out a stubborn $11.6 billion maintenance backlog.

While Mr. Trump, a native New Yorker who built a real estate empire with luxury hotels and resorts, isn’t necessarily known for communing with nature, his decision to prioritize repairs to the national park system does jibe with his appreciation for grandeur and insistence on high-quality surroundings.

“The President is a builder, he loves to build and he loves our National Parks, so it is a natural fit that the Administration is dedicating so much attention to rebuilding our aging parks infrastructure,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Wednesday in a written statement.

Projects covered by the funding include overhauling the visitor center at Mount Rushmore, rehabilitating wastewater systems at Yellowstone and the Great Smoky Mountains national parks, and repairing flood damage to the Scotty’s Castle visitor center in Death Valley National Park.

Closer to Washington, $18.2 million has been designated to repair the Arlington Memorial Bridge on the George Washington Memorial Parkway and $21.4 million to restore the Thomas Jefferson Memorial roof and portico at the National Mall and Memorial Parks.


That commitment to revitalizing the national parks has nonetheless failed to impress liberals locked in a perpetual state of battle with the Trump administration over environmental issues.

Matt Lee-Ashley, a former Obama administration official and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, suggested that Mr. Trump may be too committed to the national parks.

“The Trump administration seems solely focused on the national parks at the expense of investments in the management of other public lands that Americans also use frequently, like national forests,” Mr. Lee-Ashley said in an email.

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