TrumpLeaks: Head of Hillary Super PAC Offers Money for Dirt on Trump

David Brock is the founder of the left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters for America. It has a stated goal of “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.”

Brock is also the head of super PAC in support of Hillary Clinton called Correct the Record. Like Media Matters, Correct the Record seeks to monitor all conservative news and coverage of Hillary Clinton and attempt to “debunk” any criticism of her.

Since they’re also in the business of opposition research, they’re wanting to pay anyone to come forward with some embarrassing dirt on Donald Trump. As long as the dirt was “legally” obtained. They’re dubbing this project “TrumpLeaks.” The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Brock asked for video or audio of Trump that has yet to be released.

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“One of the most important things for voters to evaluate in any election is the full measure of a candidate’s views, ideas, and temperament over time,” the website states. “In making a choice for president, voters must also consider how various candidates present themselves to the public and to the world. There are few things more important in that regard than access to video or audio in the form of prior television or radio interviews or more candid video from events a candidate may have attended.”

Brock’s super PAC goes on to say they can offer compensation to anyone who has new video or audio that has been obtained legally.

“TrumpLeaks is an effort to uncover unreported video or audio of Donald Trump so voters can have access to the Donald Trump who existed before running for president and before his recent affinity for teleprompters,” the website says of the project. “TrumpLeaks can provide some compensation to those who have usable, undoctored video or audio that has been legally obtained or is legally accessible.”

NBC News noted that the project is “highly unusual” and seems to “cross a new line” in modern day politics.

I think the only way in which this is “crossing a new line” is that they’re so out in the open about it. This is how they get dirt on opponents. It’s just that a candidate’s super PAC doesn’t usually make a public announcement about it.

There’s got to be something out there that someone knows that will be damaging to Donald Trump. Everyone’s got skeletons in their closet. I imagine that “TrumpLeaks” will get a hold of it and wait until the most opportune time to release it.

If for nothing else, it does show how desperate Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are in trying to make a comeback. It shows that they’re concerned that they’re not going to win.

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