Trump Wins TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’…But Look Who Actually Won the Popular Vote

President-elect Donald Trump is TIME magazine’s ‘Person of the Year.’

The individual who wins TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ isn’t necessarily someone whom everyone thinks is good or bad. TIME wants to know who the most influential person is, for better or for worse.

Obviously, Trump’s supporters voted for him, but also some of his fiercest critics would have voted for him. The decision, however, is ultimately up to the editors. So, they’re kind of like the electoral college.

In fact, Trump didn’t win the popular vote. Trump, Julian Assange, and Obama all got around 7% of the vote. But Narendra Modi got 19%. (Narendra who?) He’s the current prime minister of India.

Perhaps the TIME “electoral college” decided that even though Modi won the online popular vote (somehow…probably Indian hackers), his impact didn’t measure up to Trump’s. Just a guess, but I think most people don’t know who Modi is.

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Did you notice they called him the President of the divided states of America?

A Republican wins, and the pundits lament, “We’ve never been so divided as a nation!” A Democrat wins, and the same people cheer, “We’ve never been so unified as a nation!”

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