Trump Was Right to Break Super Bowl Tradition and Refuse to Give NBC an Interview

Newt Gingrich defends the President’s decision to not follow a Super Bowl tradition and not put himself in the power of the enemedia.

The video below addresses several issues, but at the beginning Newt Gingrich is asked about Donald Trump’s decision to  break a Super Bowl tradition.

It has been a presidential Super Bowl tradition to give an interview to the network broadcasting the game. Trump didn’t want to give NBC a chance to attack him on television. Obviously, he made the right choice. As Gingrich asked: Why should he give credibility to the lie that NBC is an impartial observer? reports, “Super Bowl 2018: Why isn’t Donald Trump doing an interview before the game?

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A nationally broadcast interview with the sitting President of the United States has been a budding pre-Super Bowl tradition, but President Donald Trump is bucking that trend in 2018 by turning down NBC’s request to sit down with him before Super Bowl 52.

A year ago, Trump sat down with Bill O’Reilly before Super Bowl 51, which was broadcast on FOX. Before that, Barack Obama did an interview before each Super Bowl during his presidency and George W. Bush did one in 2004.

On Jan. 19, Variety reported that the White House informed NBC News that Trump will not take part in the interview.

The reason for his decision has not officially been released by the White House, but it likely has to do with Trump’s ongoing feuds with NBC and the NFL.

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