Trump Verses the Grand Scheme

The “word on the streets” is that Trump’s speech to American farmers was another gem.  At this point, what else to expect from this non-politician who with each passing day, seems more adapting and self assured.  Part of his allure and charm is the remembrance of a 2012 Romney cave in compared now to a man who relishes not only a challenge but most certainly playing the part of both the instigator and counter puncher.


Is it any wonder why America’s pampered “establishment” is so tense and unnerved?  As such, the media’s daily charges amounts to desperation from its fits of frustration.  Never before has a conservative been so brash and undaunted.  While each Mueller charge momentarily strengthens the media’s gusto, when the verbal dust clears, Trump remains standing.


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Issues deemed critical for preserving garner the most media attention and subsequent ink.  Set apart through an extensive coverage, these establishment pet issues raise the rhetoric bar and thus become a crusade issue by comparison.  This was the case when through their NAFTA prism, evaluating Trump’s Tennessee speech to the farming industry took on a dire consequence.  Hyped throughout the ensuing commentary were the references to their sacred NAFTA agreement.  How dare Trump even mention disengagement!


Forgive my inquisitive nature but how did American farmers manage before NAFTA?  I recall that there were seasons for buying and likewise “out of seasons” for not.  I also recall that California was and probably still is famous for their avocado industry.  So, what is it with the importation of these Mexican avocados?  Other than not growing that delicious fruit altogether, which I highly doubt, what is the destination for those California avocados?


How about this brain storm; instead of importing what we grow domestically, why not just stop exporting and sell American produce to the American consumer?  What a novel concept!  Are we to believe that since the creation of NAFTA, Americans are destined to consume only foreign grown produce?  If so, tell me again just how critical is this NAFTA treachery!


Trump’s talk to the farmers was a refreshingly American styled presentation complete with his acknowledgement that “Farm country is God’s country.”  Talk about connecting and being with the people!  This is in opposition to the secularism which is globally promoted.  Since our Christmas observances are still fresh, there is little doubt as to the ongoing assault against Christianity, yet this “happy holidays” ruse must wait for another time.


Very telling is this Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) commentary entitled Will Trump Punish the Farm Belt?  Obviously, this source considers it beneficial to maintain the current status quo surrounding this issue as it inserts a dose of fear and insecurity to our possible NAFTA withdrawal.  Also too, they just can’t get past Trump’s immediate exiting from that Tran-Pacific Partnership, TPP, which contrary to its spin, would have severely crippled America’s independent sovereignty!


Within this NAFTA piece, the WSJ informed, “Mr. Trump already walloped U.S. farm exporters when he dropped out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”  Further into this pro-NAFTA article, I have caught a glimpse of where my avocados went when reading, “The U.S. sends about $18 billion a year in farm products to Mexico and $23 billion to Canada, which together accounts for a third of American farm exports.”  Simple math suggests that our farmers export $123 billion worth of produce annually.  Shouldn’t such an outpouring put a dent into third world hunger?  Forgive the attempt at humor, it hardly suffices for such a counter productive and mindless policy.


Finally, given that the American consumer is now relegated to the back of the consumer pack, we need to return to the Trump basics of America being first.  We need, as our President has exemplified, to extricate ourselves from these un-American trade entanglements.  The American consumer should have first dibs on what America grows in her own soil and not be fed the produce from third world fields.  This is outrageous!

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