Trump Tweets against Twitter Shadow Banning

Twitter shadow banning is “discriminatory and illegal” according to the President.

Twitter shadow banning was blasted by Donald Trump on Twitter.

The Daily Mail questions the illegality of Twitter’s policy. In the first place, the media hypocrisy is on display because they never worried about what law, if any, was broken by alleged “collusion with Russia.”

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But the answer is that this is straight up fraud. Twitter offers itself as a platform, encouraging people to use its service. Then it deprives some people of part of its service, without informing them, or giving them any reason why. Simply kicking people off Twitter would be better because then the banned person wouldn’t waste his time on the platform thinking that it is working for him just like anyone else.

The Daily Mail reports, “Trump warns Twitter it will be investigated for ‘SHADOW BANNING’ conservatives as he calls practice of depressing their exposure ‘discriminatory and illegal.’

Donald Trump entered a contentious battle over online censorship on Thursday, blasting privately-owned Twitter for allegedly depressing the exposure of messages from its conservaitve users.

‘Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good’ the president boomed, ironically on his globally unmissable Twitter account.

‘We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.’

It’s unclear what the administration could do to challenge Twitter for sorting content and delivering it selectively to users based on a computer algorithm.

It’s also not obvious what law Trump believes the platform’s management might be violating.

But much of the social media right-wing is up in arms over what they see as a biased protocol that regulraly disadvantages them in the marketplace of ideas.


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarty tweeted on Wednesday that ‘[s]ocial media is being rigged to censor conservatives.’

‘It’s time to rise up and demand accountability from Big Tech. WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. #StopTheBias,’ he wrote.


Twitter said flatly on Thursday that ‘we do not “shadowban”‘ but acknowledged that it uses ‘behavioral ranking’ to sift through tweets and decide what floats to the top.

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Trump’s tweet hurt Twitter where it counts. CNBC reported, “Trump accuses Twitter of silencing Republicans and calls it ‘discriminatory and illegal.’

Investors, already unnerved by Facebook’s plunge, shed Twitter shares. The stock was down 4.3 percent in early trading Thursday, including a 1 percent additional decline immediately after Trump’s comments.

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