Trump Trashes Globalism: ‘There is no Global Anthem, no Global Currency, no Certificate of Global Citizenship’ [VIDEO]

Donald Trump kicked off his “Thank You” tour Thursday in Cincinnati, Ohio before a large crowd of supporters. One topic he discussed was globalism.

Trump campaigned on an anti-globalist message, so it’s no surprise that he’d reiterate that “there is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship.”

“We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag,” he said to applause.

Here’s what he said:

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For too long, Washington has tried to put us in boxes. The separate us by race, by age, by income, by geography, by place of birth. They spend too much time focusing on what divides us.

Now is the time to embrace the one thing that truly unites us. You know what that is? America.

Because when America is unified, nothing is beyond our reach. I mean that. You’re going to see…

We’re going to have a country that was never so great, you watch. In so many different ways.

You hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a “globalized world.” But the relationships people value in this country are local. Family, city, state, country. They are local. 

We will compete in the world. We will compete in the world where it’s a two-way road — not the one way around. The advantages will come back to our country, and they haven’t for many years.

There is no global anthem. No global currency. No certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag. 

From now on it’s going to be: America First. Okay? America first. We’re going to put ourselves first. 

We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world, but that means recognizing the right of every country –including our own– to look after its citizens. We would put other countries first, we had people running our country that truly didn’t know what the hell they we’re doing…

We’re going to defend the American worker… look what has happened right here. They forgot the American worker. They forgot that it was the American worker who truly built our country. We are not going to forget.

One of the reasons we are so divided today is because our government has failed to protect the interests of the American workers, and their families, making it too easy for us to see ourselves as distinct groups, and not unified as a whole. We’re not unified. We’re going to be. 

Washington’s politicians have spent so long appealing to competing interests, that they have forgotten how to appeal to to the national interests, combining the skills and the talents of our people in common cause. And we have unbelievable talent. But that is all about to change. 

Our goal is to strengthen the bonds of trust between citizens, to restore our sense of membership in a shared national community.

Global is wonderful, but right now we want to focus on our national community. 

Never again will anyone’s interests come before the interests of the American people. It’s not going to happen again. 

Over the last two weeks since our victory, I’ve spoken to many foreign leaders. And I will tell you they have such respect for us. They all tell me how this was amazing. They all tell me how they sat in their magnificent rooms –these are the leaders, the prime ministers, the presidents, all of them. How they sat in their magnificent rooms, watching in wonderment, hearing how people came to vote that didn’t voted in 20 years, people came to vote how have never voted before. And they had Trump shirts on, and ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, and they had buttons pouring off. And they thought it was amazing. 

And honestly, one of them told me: I truly respect the United States again because of what happened.

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