Trump to Protect Doctors Who Refuse to Perform Abortions

According to a new report, President Donald Trump (I just love calling him our president) is working toward measures to protect doctors who refuse to perform abortions as well as refusing to treat transgender patients.

I think this is a well overdue legislation, and I am extremely happy to hear that Trump is finally taking the step.

Abortion is murder in every single aspect. It is the termination of a life. Doctors who refuse to do so should not be harassed or punished for being a decent human being.

Fortune reports:

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President Donald Trump’s administration is set to wade into its next health care policy controversy—new federal guidelines that would add protections for doctors and health care workers who have moral or religious objections to certain procedures, such as performing abortions and treating transgender Americans or those with different gender identities, Politico reports. Such rules would make it easier for health workers to opt out of services, and medical organizations which don’t give doctors that leeway could reportedly be punished.

The new “conscience refusal” protections from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could be introduced as soon as this week, according to Politico, and would likely set off a political firestorm. Groups like the Physicians for Reproductive Health network and National Center for Transgender Equality were already sending out missives Wednesday warning that such conscience-based refusals could harm patients and breed discrimination.

I personally know doctors who have been weary for the future when it comes to these two scenarios. We have bakers being sued for not wanting to bake a cake for a homosexual couple’s wedding, so what is there to say that doctors won’t be attacked relentlessly for their decisions as well?

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