Trump to Give VA Chief the Boot?

Will President Trump be giving Veterans Affairs Chief David Shulkin the boot? According to new reports from The New York Times, he is considering replacing Shulkin with Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


Shulkin has been in the dog house for a while over ‘ethic concerns,’ which include his improper acceptance of a gift and allowing his wife’s airfare to fall on the government’s dime. Tsk, tsk. It has also been reported that he used a government funded (aka, tax-payer’s dollar) trip to Europe to sightsee.

We are already taxed out the wazoo for everything, and taxation is ultimately theft. The way I see it, he should have to pay back all the money he blew.

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The Hill reports: 

Trump has not formally offered Perry the job, and it’s unclear if he would accept it, the Times reported. Perry served in the Air Force prior to his career in politics.

He has also gone on record to say he’s rooting out “subversion” in his own department, where he claims other staffers are attempting to undermine him.

White House chief of staff John Kellyreportedly told Shulkin following those comments to stop fighting with staff and talking with the media.

The department itself has faced its share of problems. An inspector general report released Tuesday found the agency incorrectly reported wait times experienced by veterans seeking first-time care from the agency’s doctors, and a recent series of USA Today stories shed light on problematic hiring practices within the department.

Trump is no stranger to firing people, and he is not afraid to shake things up when it is need. He just fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and is reportedly replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Good riddance to to Shulkin. We are trying to drain the swamp, not add to it!

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