Trump: The President Most Like Reagan

While it would be easy to contrast the styles of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, Charles Hurt argues that Trump has done that any other president to be is true successor.

The Trump Presidency appears more like the Reagan Presidency than either of the Bushes.

While it would be easy to contrast the styles of Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan, Charles Hurt argues that Trump has done more than any other president to be his true successor.

In fact, Hurt’s column reminds me of how George H. W. Bush really worked against the Reagan legacy. George W. Bush was obviously his father’s successor, not Reagan’s, in pursuing his vision of a New World Order. The fact that the younger Bush is now watching the Trump presidency unfold seems like God’s judgment remembering what his father did to the Reagan legacy.

Charles Hurt writes in The Washington Times, “Trump inherits Reagan’s wind.

No president from either party over the past three decades has earned the inheritance of Ronald Reagan on the world stage quite like President Trump has.

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Sure, the two men could not appear more different in style.

Reagan was nearly incapable of un-sunniness. Even from his hospital room after being shot, the image of Reagan was of a man smiling.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, sometimes careens into channeling the justified rage so many Americans feel toward professional Washington politicians.

But even that difference is often overstated. While the media focuses on Mr. Trump’s hot condemnations of the evils arrayed against America, he is more often sunny and funny and entertaining. And, don’t forget, Reagan was no squishy cupcake when it came to enemies wishing harm to America.

When it comes to leadership in this big, nasty world, Mr. Trump is more like Reagan than any other president since.

George H.W. Bush was a silk-stocking Yankee of […] privilege while Reagan was an outsider from the Midwest who grew up in a modest home.

Whereas Reagan believed fervently in “America First” — to borrow a theme from Mr. Trump’s campaign — George H.W. Bush dreamed of a “new world order” where supposedly benevolent global elites would dictate the new orders.

How has that worked out?

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