Trump Tells Reporters: ‘I Wants Immigrants from Everywhere’

America is a melting pot of cultures and people. We want immigrants from all over the world. The key factor in that, though, is legal immigrants. We want people who follow the rules and things the right way.

On Tuesday, President Trump spoke to the press in the Oval Office before a meeting with Kazakh leader Nursultan Nazarbayev. He told them that he wants immigrants from “everywhere,” and refuted the reports accusing him of saying that the U.S. should allow more people from countries like Norway.

“I want them to come in from everywhere. Everywhere,” Trump said.

The Hill reports: 

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It was Trump’s latest response to the firestorm surrounding vulgar comments he reportedly made last week during a White House meeting with lawmakers on immigration.

Trump reportedly referred to African nations, El Salvador and Haiti as “shithole countries” and asked why the U.S. should take in migrants from those places.

They have also helped derail talks on spending and immigration legislation ahead of a Jan. 19 deadline to prevent a government shutdown.

Before Tuesday, the president had not disputed the substance of his remarks. Trump tweeted Friday that he does not want large numbers of immigrants from “high-crime countries which are doing badly.”

Of course the president is being attacked relentlessly for the alleged comments, calling other countries “sh*thole counties.” However, he denies ever even saying it. and the person accusing him of saying it is a known liar!

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