Trump Tells CPAC: ‘Don’t Worry , You’re Getting the Wall’

I attended the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, and had the pleasure of hearing many of my idols speak.

My favorite, of course, was none other than President Donald J. Trump. We woke early and got to the doors to get through security and secure a seat in the quickly packed out conference room.

The moment Trump stepped out on stage, the crowd went wild with whistles, clapping, and “USA” chants. The whole experience is overwhelmingly amazing and literally brought tears to our eyes.

Trump spoke about gun control, and how more gun control laws are absolutely NOT the answer. He spoke about his accomplishments since he has been in office, such as the tax cuts (and more to come) as well as promises he has made that he is working on bringing to life.

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Someone in the crowd started to chant, “Build that wall,” as Trump spoke about illegal immigration and it spread like wildfire. Everyone began to chant it and as we died down, Trump finished his thought. However, he then smiled and said, “Don’t worry. You’re getting the wall.”

BOOM! CHILL BUMPS! We all went absolutely wild!

Our president is making good on his promises one by one and I have absolute faith in him to build the wall and keep our borders safe!

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