Trump Supporters Can Pursue San Jose Lawsuit

A federal court has ruled that the San Jose lawsuit being pursued by Trump supporters who were attacked at a campaign rally.

The San Jose lawsuit seeks justice for the Trump supporters who were attacked and received no police protection.

A federal court has ruled that the San Jose lawsuit being pursued by Trump supporters who were attacked at a campaign rally can go forward.

Bloomberg reports, “Trump Supporters Can Proceed With Lawsuit Over San Jose Violence.

Supporters of Donald Trump attacked during a presidential campaign rally in 2016 won a ruling allowing them to proceed with a lawsuit against the city of San Jose, California, over claims that police failed to protect them from violence.

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Here’s the media BLAMING TRUMP for getting his supporters beaten by hateful mobs:

Watching the media “report” on the San Jose violence by attacking Trump reminds us why he won. Anyone watching the mainstream media could easily see they didn’t care about the violence or who really started it.

And the violence was serious! As the Conservative Tree House reminds us,

In June of 2016 the Mayor and Police Chief of San Jose California made an intentional decision to allow candidate Trump supporters to be violently attacked by a coordinated mob of radical leftists. {See Here} In the days and weeks that followed it was discovered that an actual plan was put into place by city officials to assist the mob {See Here}

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Back in June of 2016, the Conservative Tree House also reviewed the reports of San Jose undercover officers who were under “stand down” orders:

Below you will find an 8 page pdf of police statements outlining the violence they witnessed.  Example:

Under Cover San Jose Officer #1: […] Throughout the afternoon and evening I watched several individuals wearing “Trump” articles of clothing getting punched, kicked and pushed.

Under Cover #2: […] I was assigned to the Covert Response Unit and dressed in a plainclothes capacity. … As time came closer to 18:00 more protesters arrived; mostly younger males and females between the ages of 14 to 25.  … some began burning the United States flag in the middle of the street. It became inherently dangerous for anyone wearing a hat or T-Shirt in support of Trump.  I observed Trump supporters being spit on, objects being thrown at them, punched, kicked and even robbed of their personal belongings.  In these instances I observed victims running for their lives because protesters began adopting the mob mentality and attacking people.  I was unable to make contact with any of these victims due to my undercover capacity and fear for my own safety as well.

These are just two of many almost identical officer written reports found in the arrest records of individuals detained as an outcome of their violent behavior.

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