Trump Supporter Attacked by Violent Liberal Thugs…Police Watch and do NOTHING [VIDEO]

This is unbelievable.

A supporter of President Trump’s was attacked by violent liberal thugs (UC Berkeley goon Yvette Felarca being one of them), but that’s not the worst of what happens…

The worst part of the video is that this all happens within feet of a squad of police officers in full riot gear and they do NOTHING.

The video clearly shows Felarca grabbing, punching, and hitting the man. It also clearly shows various other degenerates doing the same thing. Why aren’t these criminals in handcuffs and being brought before a judge?

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This continues the theme of violent liberals being give the opportunity to sew discord and mayhem without fear of any repercussions.

What is truly jarring is that these violent liberal extremists get away with crime after crime, yet a conservative draws (but does not fire) his gun when feeling threatened  and he is found guilty of a crime.

A man who pulled out a gun at a Don’t Shoot Portland march and pointed it at a crowd of protesters in downtown was found guilty Friday of 21 felony and misdemeanor crimes…

Strickland, who had a concealed weapons permit, claimed self-defense. He contended some protesters and anarchists wearing masks and carrying flagpoles had called him a racist, told him to leave, aggressively advanced toward him and pushed him. Some of the confrontation was caught on video — including Strickland’s own.

Strickland can be heard saying “Get the hell back!” before pulling out his gun…

Strickland could have simply turned and run away if he had been afraid, prosecutors said.

Strickland did testify that he felt threatened, and felt that he was in very real danger. I am not going to defend the fact that he pulled his gun on a crowd, but he did no damage, he hurt no one. The same cannot be said for the hundreds of violent liberal rioters who have gone un-arrested, un-charged, un-prosecuted, and un-disciplined over the last few months. They have done hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, they have hurt dozens of people, they have threatened the health and life of hundreds more… and yet they continue to appear at protest after protest without even the slightest hint of regret for the crimes they’ve committed. It’s unconscionable. It’s disgusting.

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