Trump Submits to Deep State on JFK Files—For Now

The promised full release of JFK files did not take place, though 2,800 records were disclosed.

Donald Trump had promised the full release of JFK files, as stipulated by a law that George. H. W. Bush signed 25 years ago.

Interestingly, the Washington Post claims that people were “scrambling” to meet the deadline. But the deadline has been set for twenty-five years! Is this another thing that only happened because of Trump? Was the Deep State expecting Hillary Clinton would be president and cancel the release of most of the JFK files?

The Washington Post reports, “Trump delays release of hundreds of remaining JFK assassination documents, bowing to national security concerns.

President Trump delayed on Thursday evening the release of hundreds of classified documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination, bowing to pressure from the CIA, FBI and other federal agencies still seeking to keep some final secrets from the nearly 54-year-old investigation.

The president allowed the immediate release of 2,800 records by the National Archives, following a last-minute scramble to meet a 25-year legal deadline. Following lobbying by national security officials, the remaining documents will be reviewed during a 180-day period. In a memo released by the White House, Trump said: “I am ordering today that the veil finally be lifted. At the same time, executive departments and agencies have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns. I have no choice — today — but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our nation’s security. ”

On Thursday evening, the Post was still reviewing the records that were put online just after 7:30 p.m. It was unknown how much new information the files contain and how heavily they’ve been redacted by national security officials.

The government was facing a Thursday deadline for disclosing the records, and Trump had tweeted twice that the documents would be made public.

“The long anticipated release of the #JFKFiles will take place tomorrow,” he promised Wednesday. “So interesting!”

Given Trump’s enthusiasm, legions of assassination scholars, professionals and hobbyists alike had been waiting throughout the day to begin a reading frenzy. Any delay or limitations of the release could only be ordered by the president.

In his memo Thursday night, Trump said that any agency that wants to continue withholding documents after April 26 “should be extremely circumspect in recommending any further postponement of full disclosure of records.”

Read the entire Washington Post story.

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