Trump should be Frustrated with Jeff Sessions

Did Sessions do it on purpose? Did he care about becoming Attorney General than he did about ensuring a clean investigation into Russia? I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

If you pay attention to any of the main stream media outlets, you might find it odd that they spend so much of their time seeming to gloat over the fact that President Trump seems to always be unhappy with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The media seems to find a delicious sort of irony in the fact that Sessions was one of President Trump’s earliest supporters, but that he was able to quickly run afoul of the President by recusing himself from the seemingly endless Russia investigation.

The media also acts as if Trump has no reason to be frustrated, given that Sessions’ reasons for recusing himself seem sound.

However, while Sessions may have had good reason to recuse himself, the President also has very good reason to be frustrated.

Trey Gowdy explained on CBS this past week:

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“If I were the president and I picked someone to be the country’s chief law enforcement officer and they told me later, oh, by the way, I am not going to be able to participate in the most important case in the office, I would be frustrated, too. That’s how I read that. As Senator Sessions, why didn’t you tell me this before I picked you? There is a lot of good lawyers in the country, he could have picked someone else,” Gowdy told CBS’ John Dickerson.

Over on Fox News, legal expert Joe DiGenova agreed telling Sean Hannity that Sessions’ recusal was an “unforced betrayal” of the President.

Sean Hannity: I cannot at this point defend any longer his inaction, in some ways, and that decision to recuse himself the day after he’s confirmed. Looked at now what it has done to the country. Your reaction?

Joe DiGenova: Well, it was an unforced betrayal of the president of the United States who had appointed him. And here’s the problem. The case that was being turned over to Bob Mueller at that time was a counterintelligence investigation. It was not a criminal investigation. Therefore Jeff Sessions did not have to recuse himself. He could have supervised that investigation, stayed in touch with it, been aware of it. And even if criminal matters came up, he would not necessarily have had to recuse himself.

In fact, we now know that it remains basically a counterintelligence investigation. And the only thing that Mueller wants to do is interview the president of the United States for no good reason in order to get evidence so he can refer it to the House of Representatives. There’s never going to be an interview. The president should never agree to an interview. And it’s very, very sad that Jeff Sessions created this problem by really getting out of something that he never should have gotten out of at that point.

The long and short of it all – Trump has reason to be frustrated with Jeff Sessions. The never-ending inquisition that has been Mueller’s fruitless Russia investigation could have all been avoided, if not for Sessions’ “forgetting” to tell the President that he’d have to recuse himself if he was named Attorney General.

Did Sessions do it on purpose? Did he care more about becoming Attorney General than he did about ensuring a clean investigation into Russia? I’m not sure we’ll ever know.

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