Trump on Allegations of Crude Remarks to Military Widow: ‘I Didn’t Say It’

On Wednesday, President Trump reacted to allegations of him telling the pregnant widow of a U.S. soldier killed in Niger that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”

While the president DID call the woman to offer his condolences, stating that he “had a very nice conversation with the woman, the wife, who sounded like a lovely woman,”  he says that he absolutely did not say what he is being accused of.

I have yet to see President Donald Trump tell a lie. If he says he didn’t do something, then he likely didn’t so it! Considering the accusations are being pushed so hard by the left, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Trump didn’t do it!

The Hill reports:

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Speaking at the White House, Trump pushed back on details of his call with Army Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow that were provided by Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.), who was in the car with the widow, Myeshia Johnson, during the conversation.

Wilson “revealed” that Trump called the widow and said, “He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”

Trump said to reporters, “I didn’t say what that congresswoman said — didn’t say it at all — she knows it,” he said, “I would like her to make the statement again because I did not say what she said.”

Seriously? Anyone with half a brain can see that the president absolutely loves our country and he deeply respects our military. Why would he make such a crude comment? Do the people on the left actually expect us to believe this BS?

The comments followed an early morning tweet, in which the president claimed Wilson “totally fabricated” her account of the call.

The president’s denials are at odds with Wilson’s description of the conversation, as well comments made by Johnson’s mother, who stood behind the congresswoman’s statements.

Wilson tweeted out,  “I still stand by my account of the call b/t @realDonaldTrump and Myeshia Johnson. That is her name, Mr. Trump. Not ‘the woman’ or ‘the wife.”

However, President Trump says that he has “proof” that he didn’t say it.  He said, “Let her [Wilson] make her statement again and you’ll find out.”

According to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump did not record the conversation. However, she said, “There were several people in the room from the administration on the call,” including John Kelly.

Sanders said, “Gen. Kelly was present for the call and thought it was completely appropriate. He thought the call was respectful and he thought that the president did the best job he could under those circumstances to offer condolences on the part of the country.”

She also said that this whole ordeal is a “disgrace of the media” and said that Wilson’s actions are “appalling.”

Sanders continued, “The hardest job he has is making calls like that. I think it is appalling what the congresswoman has done in the way she’s politicized this issue and the way she is trying to make this about something that it isn’t.”

“To try to create something from that that the congresswoman is doing is frankly appalling and disgusting,” she concluded.

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