Trump Personally Donates $1 Mil to Texas, Liberals Berate Him

No sooner after our gracious president announce that he was donating $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund, the liberals began a hounding fest.

President Donald Trump traveled out to Texas to assess the damage and see how recovery efforts were. He decided that he wanted to personally donate money to help with the relief efforts.

Fox News reports:

President Trump is pledging $1 million in personal funds to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president requested suggestions from the media on which groups would be best for donations.

“He will proudly pledge a million dollars of his own money,” she told reporters.

Sanders said Trump and First Lady Melania are tentatively planning to head back to the Houston area and Louisiana on Saturday.

However, this is not good enough for the liberals. They have to find some way to continuously blame everything on Trump and make him out like a horrible person.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about his father’s donation, and the replies were astoundingly rude.

However, don’t let their negativity affect you. There is ten times more outpour of love for the president for donating the money to help. Money that came out of his own pockets, on top of him not even accepting a presidential paycheck.

He truly is a remarkable man!


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