Trump Peace Train Headed Toward Afghanistan?

But the establishment will do all they can to derail the Trump Peace Train just like they are doing with Russia.

The Trump Peace Train is still trying to reach new stations, including direct talks with the Taliban. Even though the President caved to the Defense Department on his promise to stop sending troops to Afghanistan, he hasn’t forgotten his campaign promise and is still trying to keep it!

That means we can expect more insane rage from the media and the War Party (or deep state or whatever you want to call it that includes both Democrats and Republicans). Consider the exchange in which a “former” CIA intern and a neocon team up against a Russia expert who also happens to be the only reasonable adult of the three: editor, Justin Raimondo writes, “Trump’s Peace Train: Next Stop, Afghanistan.

The US, bypassing the barely functional Afghan “government” — which controls only the territory around Kabul – is negotiating directly with the Taliban, whose leaders are enthusiastic about the talks. While the White House is laconic about the negotiations, the insurgents are more forthcoming: one described the talks as “very positive,” and averred that “We agreed to meet again soon and resolve the Afghan conflict through dialogue.”

The President, you’ll recall, decided to send a few thousand more US troops to Afghanistan with great reluctance, declaring that he’d much rather see them come home: somehow, however, it was supposedly necessary for him to restrain his instincts and surrender to the advice of the military and their attendant pundits. However, it looks like he didn’t give up on the possibility of getting out of America’s longest war – and, in the end, the people on the ground concurred, providing the impetus for serious negotiations.

In this the Afghan peace initiative is much like what’s happening on the Korean peninsula: there, too, the people on the ground who’ve had to live in the long shadow of an outlived conflict spontaneously decided that they’d had enough. Driven in large part by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, the Singapore summit was the end result of the two native leaders in effect forcing the US to the negotiating table.

Not that the President didn’t play a key role: after all, the US had previously succeeded in quashing the prospects for peace during the Bush II administration, when George W. infamously declared North Korea to be a spoke in the “axis of evil.” That put a quick end to the “Sunshine policy” that the South Koreans had so hopefully initiated.

This time, however, the White House responded positively: Trump, confronted by an invitation to meet Kim Jong-un and kickstart the peace talks, immediately agreed, much to the consternation of his slow-thinking advisors – and the horror of the alleged “experts.”

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